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My personal website

I had previously wondered whether this endeavor was worthy of sharing a shelf with my computer science club compsigh, DEPLOY/23, and the other labors of love that — without hyperbole — have changed my life.

After some time building, I am of the opinion that crafting & curating one's identity on the Web is one of the most important creative endeavors.

Thought process

I built my first personal website in 2020. Since then, I've used everything from Notion to indie website builders like mmm to host different versions of my online identity. These are great, but I couldn't quite capture the vibe — none felt like me.

This eventually became frustrating. I put so much love & craft into the brands, stories, and experiences I create. Why am I not extending the same to myself?

Things I did not want to build

Things I wanted to build

In short, I'm building a home for my identity, not a display case.

Technical & aesthetic breakdown

This place was a joy to build.

If you're interested, it's also open-source.

I put a lot of thought into design.


I'd like to express my admiration & gratitude for the following people and their storytelling in building their own personal websites:

I hope you enjoy my personal website. If you ship creative work and don't have one of your own yet, I implore you to make it. Make it feel like you.