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Computer Science is the fastest-growing major at the University of San Francisco. And yet, we are a small but mighty 400. When I joined USF as a freshman in 2021, to my surprise, there was no general CS club on campus. In fact, there was virtually no culture around doing anything social — let alone learning & shipping together.

As a web dev, I wanted to go beyond the largely systems- and theory-based curriculum. I wanted it to be social. I wanted to meet cool people, and I wanted to build cool things.

I wanted to make CS fun again.

Today, compsigh is comprised of over 50% of the major. Leading a leadership team of six, we've ideated and executed on 56 events to date. From socials, to workshops, to hackathons — we've completely transformed the culture within and around the Computer Science major at USF.

I'm working on a place where you can learn about all of these in depth. In the meantime, here are my favorite highlights: